Pet CBD Tincture

We added our full-spectrum CBD tincture to salmon oil, making our pet tincture a tasty and healthy treat that's easy to administer. Salmon oil is known to support pets' skin and coat and provides Omega-3's as well. This is a relatively low-dose tincture; higher potency tinctures are on the way.


Give orally, directly in the mouth or on food. Start with a small amount and increase as tolerated. Shake well before use. Ask your vet about other medications your pet is taking.


Less than 15lbs:  1/8 dropper (1 mg)

15-30lbs: 1/4 dropper (2mg)

30-60lbs: 1/2 dropper (4.5mg)

Over 60lbs: full dropper (9 mg)

  • Ingredients

    MCT oil, salmon oil, hemp extract.

    CONTAINS: Tree nuts (coconut)

    - Each ml contains 9.3 mg CBD